Starting Monday, I will be featuring a multi-part series on tennis champion, Victoria (Vika) Azarenka. Here’s a little tasty tidbit to whet your appetite. Read More.

Lamb Dinner

Game Day eats in Queens need not always mean stadium food. I took some time to explore the neighborhood and found a homerun of a meal. Read More.


I found this online at the Canadian SportsNet page–I thought it’s a cool story worth sharing! Read More.

Miller Park

Baseball season is about to begin and we couldn’t be happier…or hungrier. Here are the Top 5 MLB foods you can find this spring at a baseball game. Read More.


A simple act of kindness as seen at the Carrier Dome stands a symbol for all the great things sports can foster. Read More.

photo 1 (6)

Armed with great food and fun party supplies, you too can easily pull together an awesome March Madness party. Here’s how! Read More.

Kentucky Tomato Bourbon Soup

Catch me on ABC 7 this Sunday! I’m cooking up special March Madness eats… Read More.


We are one week away from Selection Sunday, which kicks off March Madness 2015. As part of my Sports Rivalry Series, today is the perfect time to discuss the hands-down BEST rivalry in college basketball: Duke vs. University of North Carolina. Read More.


You can’t have a discussion about the greatest sports rivalries without bringing up ‘Bama and Auburn. Read More.

HF Bite w:R

The Hungry Fan® #HungryFanFood – your chance to win 2 tickets to an MLB game of your choice.* Read More.


In light of Rivalry Week and the next few weeks leading up to March Madness, I thought I’d take time out to talk about rivalries in sports. Read More.

Tonight was one of those nights that reminded me of my love for the city of New York. Read More.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.11.52 AM

If you haven’t already heard of the epic tales of McEvoy and Whelan, read on. And try to contain yourself. Read More.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.31.30 PM

There are fans… And then there are FANS. These guys take fandom to a new (amazingly impressive) level. Read More.

12th Man Layer Dip

Dear Seattle fans, You have my love and admiration. (No offense Patriots fans). It’s not a team thing–it’s a fan thing. You Seattle fans have set noise world records and have literally created seismic activity (yup, earthquakes) with your enthusiastic … Read More.


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